From the Society of Christina's Lingerie Lovers

Please print and redeem coupon at the store. Is our appreciation for your continue support throughout the years. You will receive a 10% off on your next purchase.


What people says about Christina's Luxuries...

I love this store! I always shop here and the attention to the client's is personal and caring.
Susan Krauss, Client

Christina's is a place were you can feel luxurious and beautiful, a paradise for women.
Stephanie Horton, Client

This is the best lingerie store that I know- it has all the cool, and relatively unadvertised brands in one place. I am kinda shocked that this store is located in Boulder, of all places. This beats any NYC, LA, Paris, Berlin and Buenos Aires stores (OK I haven't really been to Texas so yes it is possible that they have a better store but I doubt it hehehe).
Sunyu von Conrady, Client