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LUXURY is a state of mind.

It is the moment you put on a new plush robe on a cold morning, or warm flannel pjs right before crawling under the covers. It is the delicate lace of a sexy teddy or chemise skimming across your body as you pose in the mirror. It is the day you wear your favorite cashmere sweater that feels decadent with jeans that fit just right and cozy socks to top it all off. It is the scent of a new candle Lit while you soak in a tub of warm body oils, followed by your favorite lotion and heavenly perfume. It is your entrance into a holiday party wearing a stunning dress that everyone compliments you on that flatters all the right places. It is a new matching bra and panty set that feels like nothing and looks good under everything. It is giving the man in your life the best in men’s underwear because he deserves to feel luxury too.

The BEST women's clothing store in Boulder, CO for 40 years!

We also offer lingerie, swimsuits, formal gowns, body care products, candles, men's, pajamas, maternity bras, everyday basics, cashmere, silk, and our utmost specialty is BRA FITTING! 

Let us create your bridal registry, we will provide a link to the online registry list so those who don't live in Boulder can shop and buy exactly what you want!

We have FREE and EASY parking!
Personal shopping assistance every day!